Brit Expat To Face Jail Time & Hefty Fines For WhatsApping A Cuss Word To Her Flatmate In Dubai


*PSA: According to Article 373 of the UAE Penal Code, swearing in public or via message exchange is strictly prohibited in the UAE. An individual caught using profanity is subject to prison time as well as fines as high as AED10,000 (£2,157).

Earlier this week it had come to light that a British expat residing in Dubai could face two years in prison after getting into a tiff with her flatmate in October, last year over a WhatsApp exchange.

According to The Sun, the 31-year-old sent the F-word to her Ukrainian housemate “over who used the dining table in lockdown”, which led to the latter lodging a complaint with Dubai Police in secret, claiming she was offended.

The ex human resources manager in Dubai was detained at DXB when she was on her way back home, to the UK, on Saturday

With her flatmate refusing to withdraw the complaint, the Brit, from Cheltenham, Gloucs, could be subject to a long prison sentence and hefty fines.

Having nowhere to live and no cash, the 31-year-old is awaiting trial and hoping to return home, to her family at the earliest

With her trial date being a month away the woman added that “I can’t believe what my flatmate has done — she has been so spiteful,” in a statement to The Sun.

She further expressed that,

I pleaded with her to withdraw the complaint but she said, ‘This is a criminal case’. 

I’ve never been in trouble. I’m shocked I’ve been criminalised for a private exchange.

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